How it works

A Quick Guide To Using Tag Your Ride


Tap you ride option to see available rides in your area. Then enter your pickup & drop-off location and tap ride now. Schedule a ride by tapping ride later.

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View your wait time, car type and price. Your ride comes to you. You’ll see your driver and vehicle details in the app, so you know you’re getting in the right car.

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You can rate your driver when you reach your destination. You have options to pay for the trip automatically using the app or make a cash payment.

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Here are some Frequently asked questions

  • Why this app is so awesome?
    This is the new generation app, it looks different, it feels different, it is different. Locally developped by our local engineers. The app is here to solve our local transportation issues.
  • Can I get a discount by inviting friends?
    You will get discount by inviting friends and by using our app frequently. You will also be qualified for extra discount depending on how you are rated by our drivers after every ride you take.
  • When will tag Your Ride get to my town?
    Tag Your Ride will move to all cities and towns in South Africa and Africa at large as the demand in your town grows. If you want Tag Your Ride to start in your town, you can contact our call center and make a request and we will send a team to access the demand and then start the process if the demand is high.
  • Can I cancel the ride?
    You can cancel the ride before the driver arrives at the pick up point but once he is at the pick up location you can no longer cancel the ride.
  • How are fares calculated?
    We have an upfront pricing system which will allow you to know the exact cost of your trip before requesting. This fare includes (but is not limited to): A base rate, Rates for estimated time and distance of the route
  • How to identify a driver and vehicle
    Once the driver accepts your request, you will see his Picture, the picture of his car as well as the plate number

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